Thanks to you guys, I decided to get the Presonus Inspire 1394 Interface with one SM57 Mic. So basically I'm just making some band (vocals, guitars, bass, midi drums) demos with this thing by multi-tracking?(one at a time?).

So I still am a little bit confused. So I put the mic in front of my amp and connect it to the interface right? And how do I connect the interface to the computer? Is there a wire for it? Because my guitar equipment are all upstairs while the computer is downstairs, so would I have to move the computer near the guitar amp to connect it to the interface?

You connect the interface using firewire cable. Unless you can/want to use 100 feet of XLR (microphone) cable downstairs to the interface, you should move the computer nearby.
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i just ordered the presonus inspire 1394 online with an sm57 mic. does the firewire cable come with it? or do i have to spend another like 20 on one?
If it doesn't ship with one, (it should) get yourself a 6 pin - 6 pin firewire cable, as said..monoprice has good prices.

If you have a smaller port on your computer you will want to 6 to 4 pin firewire cable. The interface comes with a 6/6 IIRC.