the only thing that upsets your girlfriend more than hearing you play songs about your ex is her knowing that you're still writing songs about your ex. But I think about 80% of the songs I've ever written had something to do with her... enjoy

it's about trips to Chicago and Normal, Il.

Union Station Central

The train rolls into union,
And I think of all the times that I had been here
Remember the 306 from union,
At 11 in the morning, a train horn, a phone call
“come get me”

High as a kite, drunk as a wretch
The fluorescent bright lights bearing on my soul
And every night’s another tale but now,
You’re not a part of those tales, no, no, no

I remember the time on the L
After hearing lua for the first time two weeks ago
missed Further Seems Forever at the metro
you slept on my shoulder on the L

now high as a kite, drunk as a piece of shit
electric trains bring eclectic dreams of you and I
and every trip to the city by the lake is alone,
you’re not a part of those trips, no, no, no

We once traded stories over drink at the bar
Sat in the smoking section eating vegan at Clark’s
Walked the streets in the wildest of storms
But I was in your hands

Just not high enough and this shit is weak
Cases of beer just to help me get to sleep
And everytime that train roles by, it blows it’s horn
And reminds me of you and I

But those days are gone.
"After hearing lua..."

Bright Eyes, right? :]
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
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"After hearing lua..."

Bright Eyes, right? :]

precisely, "I got a flask inside my pocket, we can drink it on the train. I promise to stay concious if you try and do the same"
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