Well in April, we've got a choir trip to Helsinki, and we've found out that the drinking laws over there are the strictest in the world or something stupid, so we're trying to find a way to smuggle some drink in, were going from Heathrow direct to Helsinki, we were thinking of putting it in our suitcases but we didn't know if it would come up when the cases got X-rayed? Were all 16/17 by the way so it can't be taken legally from sunny London.
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Sounds smart - you do realise you will be arrested in Helsinki if you are caught? Not worth it.
How about not drinking?
Don't antagonise the authorities or it could be the worst holiday you ever have.
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Use the heroin smuggling technique... Fill kinder egg toy cases with booze... Insert in to anus... Walk through customs.

Don't do what a guy who ended up in my work did and put it in a plastic bag... Insert in to anus... Get caught by police... Try to tuck bit sticking out further in to anus... Get arrested and feel the wrath of forceps
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Don't because you will get caught and you will get arrested
What's the drinking age in Finland? Trying to bring anything across borders is a bad idea. Try your luck buying it there.
for alcohol under 20% in Helsinki is 18 years old and you can even drink in parks if your not causing a nuisance, so its not really that strict.
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yeah complaining about not being able to drink for a weekend and your only 16 or 17...shit ive been drinking since i was like 14 but still havent had a legal drink! try 21 and tell me that isnt more strict then 18 yrs old for some brews....