This is a song me and my band made in like a span of 2 days so it's nothing super good but I just wanted to get some opinions, because we think it's pretty good. Let me know what you think please! I'll try my best to do C4C.
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It's a shame it's not labelled, otherwise I would go into detail on each section.

But overall, nothing really wrong.
Totally loved it. 234235/10.
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The first riff is very cool, I really liked part at bar 7.
The next riff starting at bar 20 continues the same feel, and is still really cool. Only thing about this part is the bass is seems like you (or whoever tabbed it out) just got lazy. I didn't like how bar 23 slowed down, I'd prefer to hear the tremolo picking continued.
The riff starting at bar 53 is pretty cool, but I'd like to hear the E sting to do the generic Metalcore thing (0-0-8-10). I don't know if that made sense but hopefully to get what I'm trying to say. I liked the blast beats.
The next riff at 69 was really cool, no complaints aside from I think the bass should be tremolo picking as well. And maybe add a harmony guitar halfway though to add something new?
I didn't really like the breakdown because of the 2nd chord (although for some reason I very rarely actually like that chord), but when you slowed it down and took away the chord, I REALLY liked it; it reminded me of August Burns Red very much. For the end, I think you should do E-0 A-1 instead of E-1 A-0.

Overall I really enjoyed this, 9/10.

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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Loved it.
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Which one is better?
hey dude I think it's great.

At the start it sounds a bit weak to me but it would probably sound a lot better with your real instruments.

And I think some party could be a bit more complex. Unless you're trying to go for the simple thing then I understand. (Y)


C4C? Empty Crusades VV
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hmm i dont liked the intro part, but then its gettin good. the blastbeat part is good , nice harmonizing. the hammer -on /pull of part is really great... it reminds me of some neo-classical music. i dunno why
overall , its a good song.


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