Ok, I've just started playing (like 6 weeks), anything from Aerosmith to Opeth (if badly atm) and have got a Tokai Explorer which I love, but I'm looking for a new toy for Christmas... probably gotta keep me happy til next Christmas as thats the next time I'll be able to justify spending the money :/ So...I'm torn between an second hand 1 yr old Schecter C1 Classic and a new Washburn X50 Pro - the specs look pretty similar and they both come out at about the same price... any recommendations on what I should pick?

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you have been playin 6 weeks and already want a new guitar? jeez man, why dont you stick with that and save for a year to get a reeli awesome one next christmas rather than an average one this xmas
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look at a new amp if you have a decent guitar (you do)

or treat it to a pro set up or something
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to answer you question, the schecter, but i do agree with an amp or saving for a guitar (maybe not till next christmas, but at least 6 months or so)
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dude, wait a little longer, save up your money and get like a synyster gates signature shecter next christmas, they look so sick, and play really good.

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Wait a while to get a new guitar. You've just started playing and you say you love your guitar. Why get a new one so soon?
I'm married...with 2 stepkids...only time I get the excuse to spend anything on myself is Christmas so saving won't work

Amp-wise I've got a Line6 Spider 2 at home and a poxy BBBlaster practice amp when I'm away (which seriously sucks but meh)
yah i have to say shecter aswell, there made in korea, but there definately no pushover when compared to gibsons, or high end fenders.

Something about my C-1 just feels great, i bought it over Gibson standards, and the mahoganny ones.

Its just really enojoyable to play, i even find my self playing it unplugged alot of the times just cause it sounds so good.

The strat body and the mahagony is a good mix with the humbuckers.

The MIA strat Mahagony with HSS configuration has nothing on my C-1 classic, everytime i look at the Price tag on that MIA it just puts a smile on my face.

All it really needs is something as simple as a nut change and your set this baby is smokin.