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i have a huge cross country race saturday and i need some real good shit to pump me up, what gets your adrenaline really pumping?
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Jonas Brothers- HOLD ON

I'd expect you to say "Pokemon Theme"... I'm dissapointed.

Icing happen when de puck come down, BANG, you know,
before de oder guys, nobody dere, you know.
My arm go comme ça, den de game stop den start up.

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Get To Da Choppa!
Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden
Shoot to Thrill-AC/DC
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I get a huge boner from any RATM
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Jonas Brothers- HOLD ON


also money-pink floyd

and montagues and capulets by prokofiev. and o fortuna does aswell!
"You're a twat!"- That dude in morrisons

"You Ugly git!" - That girl in the restaurant

"You Were a Mistake!" - Mum

just a few of my fans..

Enter sandman

Superman - Goldfinger
Sell out - reel big fish

lots of emo metalcore junk gets me pumped too.

seperate ways/worlds apart - journey

Don't stay by linkin park was probably my best one though.
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walk-pantera,when i use to skate id do the crasiest shit to that song
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I like staring at girls' boobs and seeing how long it takes them to say something and what their reaction is. It's win-win-win

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I once saw two snails fuck. It was pretty damn cool.
i half expected after the jonas brothers and then never gone give you up that the next would be like power rangers theme...
Go buy Children of Bodom's first album, Something Wild. Just about any Megadeth album works too. Listen to Death In Fire by Amon Amarth.


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what this man says is correct.

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WHAT IS THE PIT!?!?!!!!!!?!??

that techno sandstorm song, thats what our crosscountry team used.
love is love // return to dust
Constant Motion - Dream Theater (the intro gets me every time).
The Pot - Tool
Spirit of Radio - Rush
Laid to Rest - Lamb of God
Bleak - Opeth
Valhall Awaits Me - Amon Amarth
Metalwrath - Amon Amarth
Cry Of The Blackbirds - Amon Amarth
Where Is Your God? - Amon Amarth

The Crackhead Song - S.O.D.
Monkeys Rule - S.O.D.
Milano Mosh - S.O.D.
No Turning Back - S.O.D.

Ready To Die - Andrew W.K.

Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth

Psycho Holiday - Pantera
Strength Beyond Strength - Pantera
Primal Concrete Sledge - Pantera

Just Can't Hate Enough - Sheer Terror
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.
Stockholm Syndrome - Muse

always listen to it before a football game or something... gets me going
cant stop by rhcp
fight the power... with peace

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Fail town, population you

When God said "Let there be light", Joey Jordison said "Say please".

Man is a universe within himself
Bob Marley
Jay Walking Backwards- The Number Twelve Looks Like You

After the guitar into, the chorus gets me pretty pumped.

But if you're not into that kinda thang, you could always get some RHCP like Give It Away or Can't Stop!
Most Lamb of God does it for me
Also In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3 by Coheed & Cambria also does it, when the intro kicks in, and when the re-intro kicks in
immigrant song
any song from appetite for destruction
any song from nevermind except for something in the way

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Salem, Ark by Byzantine.
Lucid Interval by Cephalic Carnage.
Serial Cocksucker by Devourment.
well i've always used laid to rest by LoG and constant motion is great

i've been using soilwork but they get old after a while
hmmm, the air that i breathe by all that remains, six by all that remains, master of puppets by (do i really have to say who). Hand of Blood, and waking the demon by Bullet for My Valentine are pretty good. Some Trivium stuff is good, like insurection, and pull harder on the strings of your martyr. Lots of Amon Amarth stuff, lots of Lamb of God stuff. And basically any Children of Bodom song.
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this song. i have no idea what its called, but i know its Slayer.
can a Slayer fan enlighten me?

It was answered in the comments:

"Screaming from the sky" (first song, from "Diabolus in musica"), "I hate you" (second song, from "Undisputed Attitude"). Paul Bostaph on drums.
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It was answered in the comments:

oh thanks, i never bothered to look there
before a show I like some Iron Maiden
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I'd expect you to say "Pokemon Theme"... I'm dissapointed.

Season 6 has the best one

"I want to be a hero! Pokemon Advanced! tadadadada---"
all pantera or slayer
Quote by RU Experienced?
I like staring at girls' boobs and seeing how long it takes them to say something and what their reaction is. It's win-win-win

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I once saw two snails fuck. It was pretty damn cool.
Redneck - Lamb of God
Ruin - Lamb of God
Dead bury their dead - Arch Enemy

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shadesofanger, you're my hero.

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So I was wondering, are black people capable feeling love? I mean can their brains comprehend that kind of emotion, or are they not programmed that way.
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