I recently purchased a Boss ME-20 for my guitar, and it's absolutely wonderful, but I was wondering if it would also work with a bass. I don't have a bass now, but am thinking about buying one and want to know if it will work. I believe there is a variation on the ME-20 especially for a bass but it has diffrent effects more geared towards the bass. I know most of the ME-20 effects are fairly irrelevant to a bass, but I just want to know if it would work.
I don't know what the ME-20 is, but all pedals will work with bass, their frequencies just won't be tailored for bass use. So, I can take my TS's, Wah, Phaser and Acoustic pedal and run my bass through them and do all the same stuff as my guitar, but... it just doesn't work as well for bass, because of the lower frequencies.
Thanks,I'm not experienced at all with pedals and I thought that would be the case. I just didn't want to try it without knowing and have something happen.
Well the person who sold me his MXR Boost had a whole pedal board of guitar stompboxes and he said he used them for his bass - so maybe. I'm not sure.
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