Basically what you need to take from that -

Having pre and post distortion EQ = good.
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its got some simple ideas and simple talk but i believed it goes much deeper than that, actually read trough it.
I've read it, but that's the most important point, and it does make a pretty big difference.
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^ sorry i was about to edit that read trough it comment, you were right.

Thats one of the most fundamentall things in your tone when it comes to tubes.

I never look at a gain knob on any tube amp, as the Distortion knob like alot of people might do, its more than that.

The volume knob is more than just a simple i want to sound louder let me crank it up.

theres a certain art that has to be applied to it all, sometimes its easier to do it than to actually discuss about it.

i find it hard to find the words im looking for, ive never been the smartest knife in the drawer.
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meh, not too much new info in there. Basically talked up attenuators and stressed the importance having control over your tone in various stages. Seems kind of logical
So it says to have 2 EQ pedals? One between the guitar and amp, then one in the effects loop? Or do they specifically mean the EQ on the guitar itself?
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From what I got, you want to be able to control the tone before the preamp (eq pedal or guitar/pup combos, od's, etc), tone after preamp but before poweramp (eq on amp or eq pedal in loop) and post power amp (speaker, attenuator, etc.)

Basically use an eq pedal in front of the amp and attenuator with tone controls (or an eq in the fx loop) would allow you to almost always get a good tone out of the amp, and is a better way to shape the sound than pickup, tube, speaker swaps.

edit: shouldn't have said better, I meant more adaptable