Hi all, I'm new here and am not sure where exactly to post this.

But I've just put up a new Tab from a band called the Old 97's. The song is The One and it's from their latest album, Blame It On Gravity. I'd suggest all 97's fans check it out see what they think.

And if you're not a 97's fan, that's great. You will be soon.
never heard of them what kind of music they play?
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this guy speaks truth
The best way I could describe it is Rockabilly with an addiction to coffee.

The "Alt. Country" label gets bandied about a lot, but they have a repertoire which spans from Marty Robbins covers to Pete Townshend-esque power pop. Ken Bethea has such a fantastic tone- It's telecaster twang mixed with sheer grunt.
My favorite, simple as it is...

I believe in love. But it don't believe in me.

I just admire the wistful sort of irony that he can conjure up, and then run it over with a rhythm section.