So after a long hard day of figuring out how to spend my $150 I come home with a Phase 90 a Daisy Chain and a Dyna Comp. I set it all up in my rig to check out the fresh sounds and I run into a problem. The Phaser is incredible and the Daisy Chain extremely convenient but the brand spankin' new Dyna Comp is already broken.

It compresses but it also removes almost all output. Off my amp is earsplittingly loud but on its barely a whisper. I've tried it in the loop, and in front of my amp and its still the same thing. Its not a cable because everything works fine without it.

Please save me a trip to GC and tell me what is wrong .

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does it do the same thing when the compressor isnt engaged?
your power source for the daisy chain isnt enough,..(try putting a known good battery in one of the effects and use the power source for the other)..
^its maxed out (to Kevin)

A friend of mine had the same problem so it might just be that this line of pedals sucks.

The power source should be enough. Even when its just plugged into the adapter my itself it happens.
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did you make sure to put it as either after your wah (which should be first if you don't have a tuner) or the first pedal? I man Alot of guys try it in different places. Do make sure you crank the sensitivity.
Personally, I prefer my comp before my wah, otherwise the wah just gets all ****ed up sounding.
My chain was Guitar>Comp>Amp. I've tried all different combinations of the Output and Sensitivity controls and still it acts as a mute, cutting the output to almost nothing. I've also had it in the FX loop by itself and the same thing happened.
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