Ok so i'm finishing up an evh frankenstrat and i need some help deciding which pickup i should use in the bridge. I have one in the neck at the moment but it will not be used it's only for show and it's just some squier single coil, but i have decided to go with a gfs style pickup as i have heard good things bout them. And i have narrowed it down to two either the fat pat boutique or the crunchy pat high output. Which would sound better for an evh style sound from my guitar?

If anybody knows any cheap alternatives to these pickups which would also sound good any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
haha, it was a joke, check my edit. theyre not cheaper than the fat pats but ive heard great things about the dimarzio evolultions
well thankyou that's what i needed to know 35 dollars isn't bad compared to the dimarzio i wanted a seymour duncan but i didn't know how good it would sound
try the new GFS VEH pickup.
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