i have read that some ESP guitars have problems with the E high string, beacause it breaks very easy, and i want to know which guitars do have this problem, and if the ESP AX-50 has this problem, and how to fix it, thanks and if this problem havent been fixed thanks
never heard of that problem on just esp guitars. it can happen on any guitar if the bridge has a sharp edge coming in contact with the strings, it's easily fixable though.
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As long as you arent using like. 07 gauge strings, you should be fine. I have an ESP LTD MH-103, and I use .10 gauge on my high E and haven't had any problems.
Yeah, check the hardware, and if the salesman isn't close pull that string a few times real hard, you'll know by thenelse bigger wires would really help for stability durability and would even pour some tone on tne top of it.
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I have an EX-260 with 11's on and no issues

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Now my problem is everytime I put a high E string on and go from Drop C to Standard the string breaks. I have broke the high E string on this guitar 3 times.