I just wanted to get some feedback on a song I recorded about 3 years ago now for my A level Music composition. The first half consists of piano with some guitar harmonics in the background, and the 2nd half has multiple harmonising guitars, with the ending consisting of 2 guitars "intertwining"...erm...you'll see what I mean when you hear it.

The reason I want some feedback is that I'm going to re-record it over Christmas as I feel I have improved my guitar ability greatly in the past 3 years, and I also have a new guitar and new equipment so I'll be able to do something about the awful guitar tone towards the end.

The song is called Pacta Sunt Servanda and you can hear it on my profile http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/grantjames/

Thanks a lot

Oh, and crit for crit n all that, I don't expect anybody to comment without me commenting on something they've done too!
That song is very cool. I like the melodies and the piano is great. What I immediately noticed after it finished was the weird transition to the end. Its kind of like two songs stuck together. Maybe if you brought in the first part again to close everything off, this time bigger and stronger than in the beginning, it could tie things together well. Right now its like I said above, more like two songs than one. I like the backwards stuff at the very end though. Badass.

Oh one last thing, the volume is very stilted, the first half is louder than the second. I know in terms of dynamics that might be what you want but I don't like to have to adjust my own volume to compete.

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