New band needs the following: bassist, drummer, keyboardist/organist, or any other type of instrument, for an innovative music group. Influences run far and deep, from funk to shoegaze, but mostly centred around the core of Arcade Fire, U2, MGMT. Songs already written, multi-instrumentalism a necessity (to an extent). Must be dedicated and able to play in a variety of styles, although musical theory skills aren't required.

PM me if interested.

No metalheads.

Hmmm...tell me more.
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About which particular aspect?

The songs will be pretty darn varied, I've written about five or so; one is an straightforward Arcade Fire-ish song, one is outright 70s disco, one is slightly melancholic, and the last is an upbeat poprock song.

I personally enjoy playing all different instruments, so I imagine whilst each band member will have their main instrument, it'd be fun to chop and change for songs in live shows or whatnot.

what else you want to know?