I want to get a tab book. I know, I'm on a tab website, but a lot of the time the tabs on this site can be hard for me to follow, and my printer screws them over. Does anyone know of any good rock/metal tab books with a good variety of songs? The only books I'm finding are concentrated on one artist/album.
If you go to the local music store or even a bookstore, they tend to have phonebook sized books with certain styles of music. I've seen metal, rock, acoustic, blues, and folk. I'm sure there's others as well. Go to Barnes and Nobles or Books A Million, or whatever your bookstore chain is.
variety? u'd have to get like a "book of hard rock" or something along those lines, or get a "rock from the ____(70,s80s,90,)" kinda thing
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i saw one in walden books a couple of weeks ago. it had 350+ pages of metal. it ranged from "Am I Evil?" to "Unchained".
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