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Personally, I live in a boring little town in Wisconsin, and I hate it... it's ****ing cold.
I can walk down the street without being shot at or mugged, so I'm quite content with where I live.
Beautiful...I could live here for the rest of my life.
Here's what the critics are saying about Hanzi_G:

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Hanzi_G = god damned prophet.

Port Talbot makes me want to kill myself... It's right by Bridgend though so maybe that explains it
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boston MA

its cold

its bitter

our sports teams kick ass
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West Lafayette, Indiana... I'm here for college, which I don't like. Its cold as tits, and a lot of the people here are pricks.

I wish I could go back home...its still cold, but at least I am familiar with it.
Flint Michigan. crime crime crime..i wouldnt move for anything, michigans an amazing state if you go to the right places, but other then that the economy sucks, whole streets are boarded up businesses. not blocks, seriously streets. its impossible to find a job.
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Oklahoma's awesome. The price of living's really cheap, we have good jobs everywhere, and the people are awesome. For what a crappy apartment costs in New York I can buy 5 acres and a huge 2 story house. It's awesome.

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Although my city (and country) is beautiful, it's full of corruption on the police and government, and people getting shot while being robbed are common news. Also, a study was made, and in comparison to the salaries and costs of living, it's harder to live in Buenos Aires than in New York.
So I'm not very happy. However, I know that I'd miss Argentina if I was somewhere else.

Boston is the best city in the world.

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My grandparents used to live in Northern Wisconsin - Cable to be exact. Had 3 cabins and a home next to Lake Namekagon. Wish I lived there, but I doubt I could afford lakeside property.
i live in a cold ass town in ohio and its great. look on the bright side your whole porch becomes storage space for ice cold beer. its like having a room sized fridge. driving in snow is kind of like rally racing and shoveling it is good exercise and a good reason to build a snow fort with which to smite children with snowballs from as they walk home from the school bus. (they TPed the wrong house... long story). and cold weather is good for two or three excuses a season for being late to work because your car was too cold to start.
I think the more important question is "How do outsiders view how I feel about where I live?"
Here's what the critics are saying about Hanzi_G:

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Hanzi_G = god damned prophet.

It's to hot, to dusty, no cool places to hang out, and there's no diversity.

My town gets old after a while.
Glasgow is alright, a lot of my favourite bands play here so I'm quite content. Ned's are a pain in the arse though.
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Fort Pierce, Florida, USA

Low temp tonight 71F - 21.6C

High temp tomorrow 82F - 27.7C

Gentle ocean breezes.

Almost paradise.


Sounds warm; when can I move in?
At home i live in a small town thats kinda dull.

At Uni I'm in Newcastle and its an absolute riot.
massachusetts. it is nice here, and a lot of my favorite bands play shows 15 min away from my house like every other week so thats cool. but i would rather live in somewhere like santa monica, california; not have to work, skate by day and play shows by night.

I live in Louisiana...There are a lot of black people in Louisiana...I hate Louisiana
I hate where I live, it's a chav-and-gang infested dump.
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I'm in Boston, England. It's okay but there are so many chavs here!!!

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I used to hate it but I've grown to love it, the music scene's awesome and there's plenty of forests around my house to chill out in.
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An annoying little town filled with obnoxious snobs with rich parents. No music, no creativity, nothing. Though I should be grateful I'm not getting shot at or mugged every time I walk down the street...
Pretty crappy. No jobs, no music scene, no places to go, all my friends are a half hour away (save a few), and it's just generally uneventful. So yeah I'm currently unemployed and bored. I would love to be able to move to a big city where I could possibly get a job with a house band somewhere, or at least be able to Busk.
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Personally, I live in a boring little town in Wisconsin, and I hate it... it's ****ing cold.

Point Place? Man i bet it's not that cold...i live in an igloo beat that.

but to answer your question...i do love where i live.
I hate it. There's me, my family and then about 800 million chavs. It's shit.
Got on the bus with me daysavaaaa
I love it. My best mate I've known since I was 9 days old lives right nextdoor. The neighbors are friendly. The Co-op, Chinese take away, Video Box/Off licence and the Newsagents is like 30 secons away. The park is only 1 minute away which is next to a street full of shops.

It's pretty cool I guess
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