This is about the poeple and things I see when I drive to school every morning. It is an extremely rough draft. I don't really like it. But hey.....whatever. C4C any suggestions would be GREAT. Thanks.....

Overworked Sidewalks

Little children
With high hopes
And no shoes
Lace up their legs
And make their way to school
On a sidewalk
That's under paid
And over used
Just to still be breathing
Is everything they ever wanted
And so much more

Let's pray they don't fall to pieces
Before they reach their destination
Of the makeshift prison
We're proud to call home

Bus stop children
Are bending over backwards
To pick up a penny
That has no value
Out here in the world
I've noticed that their twisted spines
Grow older everyday
Leaving blood stains on the sidewalk
From where they drug hands

Arcs in their little feet
Are slowly flattening out
Black babies dying slowly
From the weight of the world

I'm here o tell that your listening
In all the wrong places
This yellow brick road
Is going nowhere

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i like it. especially the bending over backwards to pick up a penny that has no value. thats some good stuff
I like it. It has good meaning and I liked it. I didn't get the rhyming though. It didn't seem like there really was. But I like it that you don't feel like you have to rhyme every line. Mine's in my sig...
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