attention all wiring guru's. im on my first build and needing some help! going for a fender stratocaster.

after looking at some wiring sites my head is fuzzy.

im gonna be using three single coil pickups - lace alumitones.

i'd like to be able to select one, two, or all three pickups,in series or parallel, in or out of phase with a master tone and a master volume.

i heard that you can get humbucker sounds from a single coils if you reverse one of them. but im not sure how to do that with the alumitones and which one to reverse

altering look of my guitar is not a problem. so switches etc are fine.

i know there are diagrams out there which almost do this. i found one link in the archives here but thats for a setup with humbucker at bridge. i've never seen one for alumitones either. with the different wire colours im a little baffled to be honest.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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