Hi, I'm new to these forums, hopefully I'm posting this question in the right place. I'm a decent guitarist, but horrible at theory/progressions. Anyway I'm sitting here trying to play something and I can't for the life of me find the 3rd chord I'm looking for in this progression.

C - Em - ?

I want it to go higher, I know that's not very helpful but I've tried chord progression generators and stuff like that, but still can't find the chord I'm looking for.
G perhaps?

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I'd say Am
but that is personal preference, you can use also G , F or Dm or even G7
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I'm going to assume you're playing in C major. Here are a list of some of the possibilities while still playing in key:

I - C major
ii - Dm DFA
iii - Em EGB
IV - Fmaj FAC
V - Gmaj GBD
vi - Am ACE
viio - Bdim BDF

Try Am or Dm. Also, read the theory sticky as well as the Crusades articles that are on this site. They should clear up a few things for you.
We don't know. There are a million different options, and we have no idea what you're trying to accomplish with the progression. We can't write your music for you.
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What helps is the melody that you're going for and how you're voicing your chords.
If you're playing open chords the note that's most prevalent is the high e, so just play the highest note that you're looking to hear and voice the chords from there.
For example if the next note you wanted to hear was an F you could an F, Dm, or Bmb5
If you wanted a G you could do a G, an Em with a high G on the e string, or a C with a high G.
Same goes for the rest of the chords, just experiment with chord voicings
appreciate the help, still can't find what I'm lookin for, I can hum it, but just can't tell what it is, will keep experimenting. appreciate the tips.