so a friend of mine offered to sell me a peavey 80 watt amp for $100. i dont know the exact model...just that its a peavey and its 80 watts. so, generally speaking, would a peavey for $100 be worth it?
What model is it?

I suppose it'd be decent if you needed a giggable amp to hold you over for awhile, but otherwise, it's not really necessary.
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No save your money and look at new amplifiers, atleast 50 bucks more, and youll be surprised what you can get.
I'd say it's probably a bandit, since that's the only 80 watt model I can think of off the top of my head. In that case, go for it. It's no tube amp, but there aren't any gigable SS amps in that price range that compare IMO.


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