This was the easiest game ever.
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Not as hard when you figure out to right click on the screen and cheat.

/haha mac users.

Edit: Ahh ya beet mah'.
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for kicks, i like to just go round-and-around-and-around-and-around-and-around
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BS it won't change color...
nvm it does lol

I know a cheat

yeah, just move your mouse to the side of the window oops!
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right click ftw
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just right click, then move the mouse over the ball, then click .
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I already changed it quite a few times. It's not that hard after you get the hang of it. Although it is a bit frustrating at first.

EDIT: And I did it all without cheating.
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You can't really win can you? It gets boring after a while. Try listening to music and moving your mouse in time to the music, and clicking on the ball, that's a challenge, even if you are listening the Stars.

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go up fast, then down fast. the ball should come down slower than usual. click it. win. repeat.
that game is a bitch on a lap top
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that game is a bitch on a lap top

its pretty easy for me on a laptop.