One of my better little projects. Its not done by any means (its only 2pgs long) but i want to see if it doesnt fail so.

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Hey man, I liked this a lot. Very nice and mellow.

Intro: I liked the fact that you put a rest after the Bm11 string "chord". It breaks up what would have been a single noise and adds a little rhythm to it.

Guitar Enters: Alright, this is where i run into a problem. It seems like the guitar is just too quiet and that the string ensemble eats it up. I had to focus and watch the guitar to make it out the notes correctly. I really did like the palm-muting tho. Its a nice touch behind the strings.

Chorus: Again, guitar too quiet but i think all of the guitar is like that so i wont bring it up again. I liked the solo style feel to the chorus. Maybe a little variation to the strings/bass would help it tho. It felt quite the same as the verses.

Solo: The solo was great, i have no problems here. Great feel to it, great note placement, etc. excellent.

Haha, i like to see people who put bass solo's in their work, you get an extra point for that. :P

Overall, i liked this a lot. No failure with this one, id say. Just kick up the guitar volume a touch and maybe even add a rhythm guitar. The strings are good for ambience, but they seem to overpowering as they are now.

Crit for crit? If so, my stuff's posted in my sig. i just posted a new one that may be in your style, here:
Somewhere in The Middle [Indie Rock]
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