I maked a guitar body from scratch but I got into it and didnt measure the neck scale from the nut to the floyd, it measure 26 inches...its that going to affects the sound a lot??? some info about my problem?
It can cause some serious issues. It depends on the scale the fretboard was made for. If its a 26" scale fretboard your in luck. Unlikely as Ive never seen a 26" scale guitar. If its a 25.5 scale neck then it will never intonate or tune right or a 24.75" or 25". Where the bridge is positioned is one of those things you measure 5 times before you drill any holes.
so Im going to have to put a wooden block on the floyd and pickups routs and rout them again!!!!right?
Steps to correct your problem:

1) Learn English.
2) Be really sure you've got step one down.
3) Just make extra sure you practiced step one a lot.

From here there are two options:

A) Make a 26" scale neck yourself.
B) Relocate the bridge so you have a normal scale length.

What you said will work, but I just love to be thorough in my assistance.
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Double check the scale length of the neck you have installed, then double check the nut - bridge measurement, its unlikely that the FR will give you 1/2" of travel to meet the most likely 25.5" scale length but hey, measure anyway.

You could either move the bridge or replace the neck, although I'm quite intrigued as to how you managed to build a guitar and place the bridge with out checking the scale length of everything thoroughly...

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post pictures of this. maybe your neck pocket isnt far enough into the body. if you made the body yourself, it should be easy to modify. take your router and drop the pocket 1/2" toward the bridge. move the easier of the two parts (neck vs bridge).
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Find the scale of the fretboard then get back to us. Stewmac has a really good calculator for the measurements. And routing the neck pocket a little would be alot easier than moving the FR.
Ill try to move the neck but if that doesnt work ill just start putting some wooden blocks on the holes I made. im also gona get some pics...y el canadience de mierda se puede meter en el culo de su madre puertorrican style
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Anyway... You wont/ will not route the body for the neck. First measure the distance between the nut and the 12th fret. Double that measurement. That is how far away from the nut the part of the saddles on the bridge where the string first meets should be. Put the neck in the right position so that the distance between the bridge saddles and the 12th fret is exactly the same as the distance betweent the nut and the 12th fret. You will find that there will be a gap between the neck and the body. You will have to redrill the holes for the neck and get a small piece of wood (shim) and put it in between the neck and the body (here) and glue it in, sand it level with the body and paint over it.

EDIT: Also, if the scale length is wrong you will have many tuning problems...
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