I have a huge dilemma, I'm trying out for a bass player position for a band and the guitarist wants me to try and learn the bass by ear, which I have never done and am finding it extremely difficult to do, if anyone more experienced can help me tab out these songs I would be extremely grateful! Please, somebody help me, this band is a great opportunity and just need some help. Thank You!
just tell the guitarist you would rather have him tab out his tab so you have something to work with. or at least all the route notes of riffs and stuff. this is the most practical way, me being the lead guitarist in my band. if hes not a dick, he most likely will help you out a bit.
haha, yeah i told the singer that, but hes like "the guitarist likes wants everyone to learn from ear" but that seems a stupid way to learn someones song. but i guess they want to see how well i do without help, but obviously not very well....
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