If i were to start writing lyrics would it be better to write them before or after the song?

any opinions?
I don't think it matters. I know The Mars Volta write all their lyrics after, while Rush begins with lyrics. Just depends.
I personally think the music man. I mean im know writer so im partially bias. But i think its a lot easier to change words to make them fit than it is to possibly change your whole music arrangement.
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definitly after the song. unless your an extremely talented singer its easier to come up with a vocal melody over a progression or riff or whatever you're writing.

unless its a rap verse, in that case matching song to lyrics is more of a rhythmic thing

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I've always been a believer in mood first. Whatever fragment of music or lyrics that causes emotion can be the base of the song. It sets the tone, and you compliment the tone with whatever's missing.

That being said, keep yourself open to both avenues, as they both can end in song.
it depends on how important the lyrics are to you and your sound, really.

Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes writes all of his music around lyrics, because lyrics are hugely important to him. Other bands write the music first, and the lyrics usually suffer.

I tend to switch between both methods, though my lyrics are always stronger when they're written first.
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in my opinion you write the music first.
play it over and over again til its like a solid beat, almost like a drum beat, but as a song if that makes sense.
then add words and change the music as you go.
It depends, if you come up with some great lyrics, then write the music from the lyrics, otherwise, try to do music first, because it's easier to put lyrics to the music than to put music to the lyrics.
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