I recently purchased a Randall Half-Stack consisting of a RX120D head (120 watts, 4 ohms) and a RX412 cab (200 watts, 8 ohms). The cab is fine but the head isn't that impressive, and i was thinking about switching to an Ibanez TBX150H head (150 watts, 4 ohms). I have done some research on impedance and mixing and matching amp heads and cabs, but just want to double check that i am correct:
Is it ok to mix the Ibanez head with the Randall cab? The Randall and Ibanez both are at 4 ohms, so they should be interchangeable, but with the 150 watt Ibanez compared to the 120 watt Randall cause any problems? Any help will be greatly appreciated
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youll have half the out put how ever seing as how the head is half of the cabs impedance
It'll work fine, but as the previous poster said, the output of the head will be cut in half.

The only problem is that the TBX head sounds like shit.
I dont think watts will really do anything to it. Watts is just a measure of electricty running the equipment, so the head just uses more power. Im pretty dang sure it wont have any effect. I ran my 10 watt practice amp through my laney cabinet which i have no idea how many watts it is *was given to me from an elderly friend* and i had no problems what so ever
cab's watts should be higher than head 's watts, or else the head will put too much power into the speakers and blow them.

So small head + big cab is fine, just not big head into small cab.

Ohms are the major issue, and i'm not very sure about them.

EDIT: i didnt read that you've been doing 4 ohms into an 8 ohms already. if that worked before, it should still be fine.
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Why in gods name would you by a 150 watt practice amp? Seriously, the TBX is utter garbage.

Also, a 4 ohm SS head into an 8ohm cab will be fine.
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impedance mismatching doesn't matter with solid state heads as long as you don't go below the minimum impedance (usually 4 ohms)
thanks a lot guys! so it WILL work, but from the sounds of it my money would be better spent elsewhere? keeping in mind that i only have about a 300 dollar budget, does anyone have any suggestions? Just in case it makes a difference i mostly play heavier music, but also a lot of cleaner stuff too, so i would like to have a very versatile amp that can handle extremely heavy distortion but at the same time sound good clean.