The timing felt off and it seemed a bit repetitive.

Was this recorded live, or did you record each track seperately?

Guitar wasn't tidy enough for my liking.
Yeah I agree with guitar/bass76. Besides what he said, the drums especially need to be tightened up. Playing wise they are likely the weakest link (besides the nonexistent bass player). Its alright if its live, for a start, but it just seems a little sloppy.

The song itself isn't particularly strong. It isn't anything specific, its just that nothing with the chords or melodies really does anything above and beyond. It just seems "stock" I guess. And it doesn't have any vocals to carry it past this point, and not enough interesting guitar too compensate. The solo could do a lot for the song if it was treated as the song melody, not as the solo. The lone rhythm and drums don't work by themselves.

Keep at it though, I'm just trying to help, not discourage.
recorded track by track in about 5 hours. with the bass and rhythm guitar parts being done basically improvised, the guitar and drum parts were somewhat rehearsed before it
i know its somewhat rinky dinky, but it was a great recording i thought
we recorded the drums by sticking a 20 dollar alesis mic above the set and just letting it go
sounds great for just that
and bass and guitars were done line out style
edit: also thanks for the constructive criticism that was very well put
we will work on it thank you
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