This Christmas a few old familiar faces are popping up again. Saturday, December 20th at the Knights Of Columbus Hall in Wallingford, CT-

WITH HONOR (reunion)
LIFE IN YOUR WAY (reunion/proper farewell)
THE RISK TAKEN (coming back from the dead)
OUR FINAL SAY (reunion)

Greg from The Risk Taken had the following to say- "The idea for this show essentially came out of a couple friends sitting around reminiscing. Everybody in these bands have been close friends for years, always making it a special occasion when we would get the chance to play together. All of the pieces seemed to fit to bring back this line up again. Life In Your Way decided to disband and played their 'final show' a few months ago, which sold out rather quickly. Immediately they wanted to do another show for the people who couldn't make it out to that one. The Risk Taken has been dormant for the past couple years with the members scattered- living in other parts of the country or touring with other bands (I Rise, Shai Hulud etc...). We've been looking for the perfect opportunity to re-launch this band. The possibility of playing with Life In Your Way again was something that we couldn't miss. The best shows we've ever played as a band were with them... and With Honor. So we figured 'why not?' just ask them as well to make it a real nostalgic and special evening. The guys in With Honor, sharing our sentiments, were on board immediately. Rounding out the bill are two CT bands that always played whenever we were lucky enough to have these shows happen over the past 5 years. It seemed like an awesome way to bring friends back together again. If anybody thinks this show is just a means to make money- you can honestly go **** yourself. In fact, the majority of the money from this show is actually getting put into making sure the show happens properly. With flying members in from around the country, building a stage into this hall (since there are virtually no venues left in CT), and renting/assembling the best possible sound system for it, this truly isn't some quick cash grab like many 'reunion' shows have become these days. Its honestly an excuse for best friends to have a great time and celebrate the holidays together. So whether or not you think this is 'corny', 'too soon', or 'no care ever', I frankly don't give a ****. Hell, I'm hoping this happens again in the years to come!"

**** yes.
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The risk taken is nasty. so pumped to see them. they really need to release collosus.
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