*PLEASE MOVE!?!? I accidently posted it here instead of the pit, Sorry! *

So, this is the ONLY WORLD OF WARCRAFT THREAD. Who plays? What class? Server? What's making you angry about the game right now. AND ARE YOU STOKED FOR WOTLK!?!?!?

I play. 70 human pally, Axezeris, on Dragonmaw. The server downtimes are pissing me off right now, and im REALLY STOKED ABOUT WOTLK!!!!
Is this what you want?
dude all the realms is closed. i'm like 68.8 and I need to get 70 before thurs but I mean if the realms ain't open how im gonna dot hat

u no?

shaman TOOPACSHAKUR on mal'ganis.
lol, please do a search in the pit, it already exists, if anything really exists.

ahhh the writers mind............
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.