what are the major differences between the two guitars?

construction / quality / sound

im considering getting a yamaha from musiciansfriend.com
either that or a silver creek d-160 which comes with a case and all sold wood construction for the small price of $300

yamaha 730s is $300

yamaha 700s is $200 - $250
The 730 has rosewood sides and back, while the 700 has nato sides and back, so there will be some tonal differences.

I own the 730, and I'm very pleased with her. It sounds really good! The action seemrf pretty high at first, but that may have been because I'm used to playing an Ibanez electric! Regardless, I've come to find that the action is very good for my taste.

I have no experience with the 700, but Yamaha generally makes nice guitars. Try them both out if you can, and choose whichever one you think is best to YOU.
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