I'm probably going to treat myself to a peavey classic 30 in a month or two to replace the line 6 spider . I play mostly classic rock and the most gain I would probably need would be something comparable to the gain level in the song rock you like a hurricane. Can the classic 30 produce this kind of gain on its own or will I need a pedal? Links to products will be nice and I don't mind spending a little more on the pedal if it means that the sound quality of my amp won't be compromised. I.e. I don't want a pedal that will give me heaps of gain but make my amp sound harsh, digital, and tinny, like the line 6 does. Thanks
I think the amp has enough gain on it's own, but a good overdrive is handy to have no matter what. Something like a digitech bad monkey is great on the cheap, a tubescreamer or a fulltone OCD are nice if you have some cash to spend.
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