I like your voice. sounds great man.

I don't know if it's the camera, but some parts in the stumming sound awkward, such as at 0:18. I couldn't hear the stumming there. It could be just the camera though.

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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
haha yeah its definitely a terrible set up i got going on right now, and it almost seems like some sounds just get cancelled out. I just bought an m-audio fast track pro usb set up and ill be going home this week to get my dads Shure SM57 to mic the guitar and Electro-Voice PL77 for my vocals. The quality should vastly improve, and ill put up some new videos, probably remake most of my youtube ones.
Thanks for the compliments so far too
VERY NICE! I love John Mayer and this is a great representation of a great song. The setup does take away from the awesomeness that you have presented, but you know that already. Also, minor thing here but the strumming sounds a bit awkward in places. Great otherwise though!

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