Hey, I've been playing an acoustic for about six months now, and I'm thinking about getting an electric guitar. Budget is about $1500 for everything (guitar, amp, pedals). I'm hoping to nail a decent Hendrix-sort of tone, hopefully from Little Wing to Voodoo Child and everything in between. But I'm not going to be picky for $1500.

I've been thinking a G&L Tribute Comanche with Peavey 30W Vypyr (or maybe the 75W for the USB output) and a Dunlop Crybaby Wah. I figure the amp is just for practice and can easily be replaced if I ever need to perform or something, and I really like those G&Ls, even the Tributes. I was also considering the Classic Player '60s Strat.

Any advice? Thanks.
Well, 1500 to start, if your looking for a hendrix tone I'd say get a MIM Strat for 400 new, and for an amp, I wouldn't go for the vypyr with that budget, you could get something better. Amp, maybe fender hotrod deluxe? I'm not familiar with amps to give a good jimi tone, but I hear fender tube amps have great blues tones. Maybe a hendrix wah pedal or hendrix fuzz pedal?
MIM strat, I actually really like my 50's strat. See if you can find one used at your local shop. Make sure you are able to try out a MIM strat before you play it, and then make your decision from there. Throw in some new hardware and pickups and you are all set for an axe. Fender tube amp is a great idea, also a Musicman tube amp if you can find one would be great for what you want.
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i'd try the kustom defender amp. its a tube amp and when i tried it out at the store it had a great range in sound. you can do anything from clean blues to a dirty marshall sound like what jimi plays. if i were looking for an amp right now i'd consider it for sure.