Jag Schematics full res
Another schematic (Superhuge)
I've got a jag hh special (Which I love)
and I've been toying with the idea of replacing the pups, a Seymore Duncan Alcino II pro in the neck, and pearly gates in the bridge. I want to change the lower bout tone control to a coil split, but I'm not really sure how to go about it. (I'm more than happy to replace the existing switch with a dpdt slider if that's necessary.) I can solder everything properly, I'm just a bit unsure on how to wire the coil split, I only really want to split the neck pup but splitting them both would be cool too.
If any of you know how to wire that, I'd be really grateful if you shared that knowledge.
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you'd need a push/pull pot.
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You mean wire the tone control as a spin-a-split?

Use this as a reference.

ok, first off... if you're using two humbuckers, are they four conductor or single conductor? Second, are you willing to give up any of those controls you've already got on there? Third... do you have push pull pots?

Once we have those questions, answers will flow like water.

In the meantime, replace both your volume and tone with push/pull pots, and wire the guitar "as usual", then run the green wire from the guitar to the first lug of the second row the push pull pot and ground the black wire, do the same for the other pickup, and you're set (that is it you have push/pulls and have four conductor p/ups).