That have like a nice sound to it.
Like the acoustic part at the ending of "Seduction" by Alesana.
Please share.
There are many artists who make intrumentals :

John Petrucci
Steve Vai
Paul Gilbert
Joe Satriani
Neil Zaza
Yngwie malmsteen
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Try Transylvania by Iron Maiden. And Overture 1928 by Dream Theater, but it just doesn't sound right w/o keyboards.
Try some surf rock like Dick Dale. Miserlou is an epic song.
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Hideaway by the "Texas Cannonball" FREDDIE KING!!!!!

Also, Braid Paisley's new album is mostly instrumental. Country or not, he's a great guitarist.
patterns in the ivy - opeth. epic for acoustic

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Also, Braid Paisley's new album is mostly instrumental. Country or not, he's a great guitarist.

yes he really is amazin
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yes he really is amazin

Yeah, really digging the Eric Johnson vibe on...Cliff Rock City was it?
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Viridian by BTBAM sounds cool. Sick bass solo as well.
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Greg Howe - Pay As You Go
Shawn Lane - Gray Pianos Flying
Andy Timmons-Electric Gypsy
Guthrie Govan-Wonderful Slippery Thing

None of these are acoustic but all of them are great and will definitely challenge you.
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Awesome guy right here
Call of Ktulu - Metallica

Absolution - Megadeth
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not totally instrumental, but badass enough to be played as such

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