I have about 450-550 (no more than 550) to spend for a new amp after selling my ad30vt. I ended up upgrading my guitar from beat-up strat to a jackson soloist couple months ago and I've been saving up ever since for a new amp. I would like an amp that can sound fairly decent at bedroom level as well as small/medium gigs. I play mostly classic/hard rock, 80s/progressive metal, instrumental, and some modern rock. (eric clapton/cream, eagles, judas priest, guns n' roses, van halen, dream theater, radiohead, metallica, vai, etc) As you can tell, I need a fairly versatile amp . I'll probably end up buying a used amp off craigslist or ebay.

So far, I've looked at at

Laney VC30 (heard clips on youtube. i can't really try one though because none of the stores around me carry one )

Bugera 333xl or the 666 (heard bad things about reliability though)

Marshall dsl401

Line 6 Flextone III

Peavey 5105

Randall RG50TC

oops! I forgot about Traynor YCV40/50 :P

I'll take any other recommendations. Oh and I would prefer combos! Thanks.
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def not the 5150 for classic rock and modern rock.. i wouldnt think atleast... sorry i couldnt be much other help tho
look at the blackheart handsome devil, peavey classic 30 and maybe even a Sovtek Mig.

all are british voiced and will give GREAT 80s rock/metal especially w/ an OD pedal.
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Quote by PixieDust13
def not the 5150 for classic rock and modern rock.. i wouldnt think atleast... sorry i couldnt be much other help tho

the 5150 can do modern rock very well as well as metal tones with ease. i have the 5150 II and it can do those styles well. i play in a touring punk band and this amp is the shit. i also have 2 older 1990's Mesa Boogie dual rectifiers( the old 2 channel versions..one is a blackface) and the Bugera 6262-212. but the 5150 II or the bugera 6260/6262 are great amps man.

the 333 or the 333XL Bugera amps might be better for the tone you are looking for. but the 5150s would do fine
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If you're looking for versatile, I suggest you buy the Flextone. But then again, I'm biased...
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I picked up a traynor ycv40 today.. it's not stock (upgraded speaker and new tubes) and got it for 299$ (bought it and a new guitar so they dropped 100$ off what they were asking)... I haven't heard a stock one before but the one I have will bend you over and make it hurt! in a good way.. lol.. I would say definately give them a look if you haven't already.. they are definately going to be a brand i look at in the future if / when i upgrade to something bigger..
I went to a local guitar shop yesterday and tried the peavey classic, flextone, and bugera 333xl. I was impressed with the bugera but I think it might be too loud for my uses . I had some mixed opinions on flextone. It sounded okay but the tone seem to be missing something. I was also turned away by classic 30. It sounded very hissy/noisy when I turned up the gain. It had good cleans though.

I would love to try the traynor or even laney, but I can't seem to find any locally. (craigslist/shops)

Mmm...I'm thinking about just relying on the clips off youtube and ordering the traynor or laney from ebay.