Looking at this, it's kinda long...below the dotted line is the important stuff for this thread.

Okay, here's the deal. My parents said they'd get me new amp/guitar for Christmas, they don't want to go above $1000.

I've had my Squier Strat and Frontman amp for the past ~4-5 years, so I've long needed an upgrade.

I'm going to put most of the money into the new guitar. Yes, I know that amp makes more impact on tone than guitar. But I'm doing that because I don't play in a band and don't gig, so it's pretty much just solo playing. At this point, I'd rather have better playability / comfort than an uber pro tone. That said, I still want to dump my Frontman 15G for a better tone (something decent). I know many of you will disagree, saying that I should probably invest more in a better amp, but I've made my decision after a lot of thought and I'm convinced it is the right thing for me.


Start of important stuff:

I'm an intermediate metal guitarist, I play stuff like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Randy Rhoads, Dream Theater, Death, etc.

I have no pedals. The guitar I'm running through the amp will be something with high-output passive pickups (DiMarzio D Activators or JBs are likely) and possibly a 7 strings.

So...anyway...I need a metal amp for $200-250. I live in CA, and there's a Guitar Center about half an hour away from my house, and I'm probably going to go try out some stuff this weekend. I don't mind going used if I can really get something good, but I don't need or want more than 30 watts, and even 15 would probably be fine. (Remember, this is almost all bedroom practice). Ideally, the new amp would have a headphone jack, and an auxillary in (for plugging ipod in) would be nice too. I'm willing to go used and/or order online if that works better. Don't care about solid vs tube, but I probably can't crank a tube in my bedroom unless it has an attenuator (or a headphone jack). It must have EQ and good metal distortion, as well as at least decent cleans. Effects aren't essential, although reverb would be nice.

Since I'm just playing in the bedroom, would it be worth keeping the Frontman (which does have a really nice clean tone up to volume 6 or 7, and I never go up that high in my small room) and running a distortion pedal through it, or should I get a new amp?

Pedal Options:
Line6 Uber Metal
E-H Metal Muff

Amp Options:
Roland Cube 30X - good practice amp for metal, has headphone jack and auxillary in, too
Peavey Vypyr 30 - how good are these? They looked really good, and the local store's employee (who is helpful) said he had one and liked it
Spider III 30 watt - just kidding :P
Also, I've looked at Crate, how good are the FW15R (looks real cheap, probably isn't great) and the V18-112/212 for metal?

Thanks in advance for all recs.
See if you can get a used Valveking and stick some EHX high gain tubes in there ($13 a piece)
Otherwise, Roland CUbe or V18 with an OD
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cubes are awesome for bedroom practice. i love playing through headphones at night, and my cube is perfect for that.
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For the pedal get a EHX Metal Muff
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Yeah, I need to try out that pedal . And thanks for the other responses as well.

Would a distortion pedal sound good through a Fender Frontman 15G?
Short answer, no. Long answer, no.
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