Hi, I am new to the guitar scene and i currently have a very very crappy guitar that my sister bought me from target


and i've had this guitar for a few months now and it's time for me to upgrade. My budget is about 400 dollars and I was wondering if you guys could help me choose a new guitar. I like playing songs by Nirvana, red hot chili peppers, etc..

Thanks =)
maybe a les paul studio for good rock tone

or a regular strat

or an Ibanez RG

all good choices IMO
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I'd go to your local guitar store and try out as many guitars out in your price range as you can. What is your amp situation? If that $400 doesn't include a new amp, I'd go by what Jared said. Strats, and some low-mid grade epiphones/ibanez's should be good. But you never know until you play them.
Im glad u said Ibanez RG. I was at a guitar center and played one and i loved it but i wasn't sure if Ibanez are good guitars or not. Also would a 400 dollar epiphone be better or a 400 dollar ibanez?

or in other words:


as for an amp, my friend sold me a marshall mg30dfx for 100 bucks so i think im set w/ an amp
In my oppinion i would go with an epiphone because i used to own an ibanez and a friend of mine let me jam on his and the sound is alot better and they sound great on a marshal when the amp is set up good but thats my oppinion
I don't want to influence your decision too heavily, so before I say what I think, I'm just going to say again, play them both and choose whichever one you think feels the best, sounds the best, and just fits you best overall. I'm personally a Gibson/Epiphone fanboy, BUT..I have played a few RG's and I've liked them, not to mention I just looked at the reviews on this site, and it seems like a pretty nice guitar.

I'd look at some reviews, see what other people said about their experiences with the guitar, keep looking around for something else that may catch your eye, and play it again if you get the chance. I'm not the kind of guy that will tell you "NO GET THIS ONE NOW!", or talk you out of a decison, but in your last post you did say you like the RG. But anyway, I've never played this RG in particular, although I've played the LP Standard and I love the feel of that, and would probably take that over the RG, but again, that's my personal prefrerence. Have you played any Epiphones before?

Edit: sorry for the long post, and here's the link to the UG reviews of this guitar.
Ok thanks a lot. I'll probably head over to a guitar center today and try them both out again
like people said before, try them both out and see which one you like better. but, you might not want a complicated tremolo system (and a crappy one in the edge 3) if your still somewhat of a beginner. therefore i think you would get more value out of the epiphone. plus, the epiphone is so much easier for modding purposes in the future if you so chose to do it imo.
Can anyone please explain to me what makes a tremolo system complicated?
I would suggest just going to local music shops and trying out gear. You never know what you will like until you try out your options. I personally would suggest a Fender mexican strat- that was my first guitar and cost around 400 bucks at the time. You could probably get one used for cheaper than that.
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Can anyone please explain to me what makes a tremolo system complicated?

well... the edge 3 trem on the ibanez is floating. which makes the guitar almost exclusive to one tuning because it will not be easy to change tunings with a floating bridge (as one sting is tuned, all of the others go out of tune basically). and i dont have any experience restringing the ibanez floating trems but, if they are ANYTHING like a floyd rose, restringing will be a mess if you dont have any experience (although you dont need to cut off the ball point like you need to on a floyd).

im not saying that you wouldnt be able to handle it but... in terms of versitality and simplicity the epiphone is the better choice. but if you like the ibanez and feel you can deal with it, then by all means go for it. its all up to you!
If you're going to guitar center check out the Schecter Omen 6. It's only $300 and is a good quality starter guitar, I currently own one and couldn't be happier. The Omen has a string through body so no tremolo to worry about.
Well, I searched up the Edge III and apparently it's horrible...
Anyways, i was at Guitar Center today and even the sales associate said that the bridge is an "interesting experience" and suggested this guitar instead


I fell in love with it and I think i'll get it by the end of the month. I've never bought a guitar from guitar center before.. does anyone know if they give you that one on display or they they have new ones in the back in boxes?