The first song I've written in bout a year, I dunno I guess it explains its own meaning.

It's in more of a WIP stage rather than complete

Welcome to my mind's Eye, do you see what I see?
I see the end of the world, and we will never be free.
Corrupt, Destruct, Rebuild, Destroy, to be the last man standing.
To see the end of the world, to be the last one breathing.

You see this world will be mine, to change as I please.
I've made a difference in this life, I've spread my disease.
Control, Exploit, Poison and Breed, the plan I have seen.
My mind's eye's watching you all, and we will never be free.

As the sirens ring and the earth shatters.
Whispers of death and destruction scatter.
We've created our fate, and one man led us.
The end is nearing now,
All is lost.
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya