hullo all
just hashed this out, not sure what i think of it yet
needless to say, C 4 C

everyone says "settle down"
they all say "do what's best"
but why would i want to be their mediocrity
and turn out like the rest?

discomfort is the spice of life
and change is the constant i need
factor this to your worldview and eschew what you've been told
these faces are a silent conspiracy and i'm ready to secede

we're all tired of losing sleep
on how best to sheer these sheep

they only want us to be busy
and accept our pipe-dreams as hazy lies
well Rollins told me to Rise Above
I won't be a puzzle piece, I won't compromise

the thirteenth floor Isn't my story
I've Posted four songs and one of them got one crit. I have to go to work right now,but I'll come back later and do a crit. I love the first verse already. It's exactly how I feel.