So, I just found out I can get the Boss legend series pedals at an insane discount (I work for a certain vendor who now carries boss products!) and was thinking of picking up one of their legend series pedals. I figure I'll get the deluxe reverb, as I've never been a huge fan of the bassman. But, I'd still like some opinions.

Now, I'm'a be running this pedal infront of either a Vox AC30, Marshall JCM900, Kustom III Bass or Squier Champ 15b (I run it to a 4x12, converted it to a head, gives me good, unbreakable cleans, lots of head room). Mainly the Vox and Marshall, though. I'm also planning on obtaining either a Fender Champ 600 or Epi Valve Jr. this winter and planning on building my own "mini-gem" 1w amp.

now, that being said, I'm looking for something to help get a good "country" tone, to be exact. You know that tight, thumpy guitar that kind'a slaps? I can ALMOST get it with the vox and the Marshall gets me pretty close, but is way too sparkly... not even worth trying on the other amps... which of the pedals would work best to get me that tone out of the Vox and/or Marshall?

Also, what do these things do exactly? From what I can tell they make your guitar sound like it's coming out of the fender amps, but how good does it actually sound and how does it pull it off?

Now that I get a discount on Boss gear... I might just end up with another DS-1 to mod... and an SD-1 to mod into tubescreamer territoriy... :-D