My band split a few months ago but we have recently rejoined... not to play our old stuff, we come to the suggestion of being a cover band that only play F.O.B songs as the band we used to be played pop/rock kinda stuff... But we cant think of a decent name to call ourselves! Any ideas pit?
Radioactive Man?

Up and Atom?
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Fall Out Troy.

That's just confusing.

+1 to the Radioactive Man
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Radioactive Man?

I hate to be a jerk but man fallout boy would have been such an awesome band name if it was from a band that had better music.

(No offense to anyone that enjoys said band)

I love the simpsons though.

Anyways, just take a song name and use it as your band name.
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+1 to L.H.C.

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Rainer Wolfcastle?
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