Yea, there's a song in my UG profile called "Unreality". I just finished it tonight, wrote it using Fruity Loops, and it took about 4 days on and off. I'd really appreciate it if anyone would like to give it a listen and tell me what they think of it, whether that be via this thread or on my profile.

The last 2 times I've made a thread like this I got no replies, but hopefully this time....
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The last 2 times I've made a thread like this I got no replies, but hopefully this time....

Because you are not posting it in the correct forum. Looksy

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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.
Well this would do just fine in a porno, now wouldn't it?

Aside from the god awful samples that Fruity Loops offers, the music is great. The transitions are smooth and inventive, moving from mood to mood.

I can't really think of anything negative to say, besides the samples of course. But that isn't your doing.

Also, the end feels like a sweet ass precursor to a new song.
Defiantly sounds like a first generation PSX brawler game tune. Its kind of hard to critique the composition only hearing it a couple times. The main thing I see as a problem is the bass line. Its cool and inventive but its really all over the place and doesn't really hold down the chords that are changing around it. The bass melody itself is cool, but I just don't if it should be the BASS playing it. Cool song though, despite the atrocious MIDI.

EDIT: I just remembered what this reminds me of: Shadow Warrior! That game is ridiculous.
And one more critique: try not to go overboard with the start-and-stop rhythms, they break up the song a little to much. Maybe use them a little more sparingly.
Yea, I actually didn't really want the bass to be holding the root chords much, I wanted (in the chorus for example) the bass the be playing the melody and have the leads playing the chord changes.