I've been playing classical guitar for around 3 years and now want to buy an electric. Can anyone suggest a model that has similar features to a classical in terms of playability, i.e. a wide nut, flat fretboard and full rounded neck. My budget is £500/$800 max.

All advice gratefully received.

Many Thanks,

Theres no guitars out there I can think of like that. With electrics its pretty much fat necks with a radius or thin flat necks. There's nothing in the electric world as wide as a classical unless you go for 7 or 8 strings. That being said id look at Gibson/Epiphone and Schecter as they are known for having substantial necks.

If I were to recommend a guitar to try id say Washburn X50 Pro.


Killer guitar at the price that cant be beat for value.
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orr for the neck maybe a fender most ive played have a pretty flat neck.

but cllassical and electric are really different, so you;re never gonna find a perfect transition unless you get a custom made guitar