Is the some if not any neck difference between Schecter and Jackson. after playing abit on my old jackson tonight it doesnt seem like much of a transition since iv been playing my schecter for the past 3 or so months?
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It depends on the neck type I have several guitars that feel the same as far as then width and thickness goes I have one guitar with a thin v shape neck contour they seem to fit my hand the best. I don't care for thick C shap necks. I can comment on the two guitars you have but my Jacksons necks and my Schecter seem pretty close as well. I never checked them with a guage or compared them but now that brought it up I'll have to go thru all my guitars and see how close they are.
they both have a fairly modern shape, and are probably very similar feeling because of this. however, if you pick up an older gibson or something from before 1978, you'll find it feels quite different than the jackson and schecter