When you guys play, how do you know if you're audible by the audience, without relying on the mixer people? Most people nowadays just max the vocals and all.

how do you know if your guitar's heard? lead? or if your bass is too loud? do you have guidelines?

thats the only problem my band has right now. thanks
Usually we have someone, usually roadie or friend whatever just go sit in the audience while we jam a practice song just to tell us what needs raised etc. Most venues have someone who does the levels for you through their P.A and it usually turns out good enough.

yeah, get someone to stand about midway through the auditorium in the centre to listen for levels.

it's really hard to do it yourself, as any place on stage is going to be imbalanced, with the nearest sound sources being way louder than others.

also, when soundchecking, do it in order.

i.e. check drums, then bass, then guitars, then keys (if needed) then vocals.

pretty much if the non-vocal instruments are all equally balanced, then vocals are no problem, as you can just max out above the instruments.
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Well if your playing at a venue they always have sound people to P.A you and get your levels. Just rely on them.
Eventually you will get used to it. As a pub band we don't do sound checks its plug and play kinda thing. However any original's venue worth their salt will have sound checks and soundmen who should, but not always, keep your levels steady.
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Everyone in my band is wireless (except me.. broke mine and havent gotten around to buy new one) and when we do a practice song about 15 minutes before our first set we all stand out where the crowd would be and listen.
From the stage it is absolutely impossible to tell. You need to rely on whoever is doing sound for you to do it right. Otherwise, all you have to go on is if people in the audience to give you feedback. Personally, I'll trust a soundman before I trust some drunk guy in the audience.

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