hi, well i've got a project on cadbury's and in detail about dairy milk product.
was wondering if any1 had any helpful/interesting facts about them, if possible please provide website links/proof.

EDIT: what draw's you towards cadbury's dairy milk than other chocolates? if you don't like it that much, why? what do other chocolates have that Dairy Milk doesn't.

BTW: would be really appreciated if you could state your country and how much an average Dairy Milk bar cost.

Thanks a lot every1.
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They make chocolate eggs, What more do you need to know?
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It's very expensive to buy from the factory as opposed to a shop. Having been there before.
1. Cadbury's make the best adverts - EVER!
2. They had a salmonella scare at their factory a few years back. Might be worth looking it up.

Hope that helps.
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GO TO THE FACTORY. If you're doing a project on them, it seems illogical not to get first hand experience.

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Thanks a lot for every1's input....well the helpful ones lol.
FYI person who refered to google, i've been there, do you not think google might have missed something?

Yeah, i really wish i could have a trip to the factory, but don't think they have one in dubai, a lot of the cadbury bars here were made in egypt.

Could you people tell me the price of a Dairy Milk bar in your country?