I was thinking about getting a Jackson Randy Rhoads, until I saw its 22 frets.
I have a schecter hellraiser, which I love.
But it doesnt have a FR and I feel like EMG pick ups are not as good for pinch harmonics as seymoure duncans.

any suggestions?
what about a jackson kelly? and other than that, jackson USA models
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I say have a look at the jackson USA KV2T King V its pretty sexy
although no FR =[ still got some pretty nice seymour duncans on it though
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EMGs not as good for pinch harmonics?
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you think 81s aren't as good as Seymore Duncan to pull off a harmonic? I don't think so...

And it doesn't really matter if it only has 22 frets, it's a kickass guitar anyway. You might as well get a Hellraiser with the Floyd Rose

I like the guitar posted above ^
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Jackson Warrior has 24 frets, a floyd, and duncan pick ups.

I lovars mine :>
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The models posted are missing a string! Get something similar to this:

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