I've heard that for an active EMG 85 I will need longer shafts on the tone and volume pots for it to fit on my Epiphone Les Paul.

Is this true?

If it is, where do I get these special parts from?

Also, is it possible to just have the one active pick up in the bridge position and stop the neck pick up from working because I only need the one pick up really.
I'm not entirely sure of this, but if it's true, www.musiciansfriend.com should have the necessary parts, or I imagine they can be obtained from the manufacturer of the electronics, in this case, EMG.
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I just found this in the product data sheet for an EMG pickup so it looks like I will need the longer shafts:

Gibson Les Paul Guitars manufactured after April
of 1975 have a shield can installed in the control
compartment and use long shaft pots. Long shaft
25K pots are available from your dealer or EMG.
Refer to diagram 7 for this wiring.

Thanks anyway!

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do you mean longer than the ones which come supplied with the pickup?

I'm guessing so yea.
The EMG ZW set comes with both short and long EMG pots, but the singular pup doesnt I dont think.

The 85 is a neck pup btw, are you sure you want it in the bridge? Having one pup is fine, but you might as well have a 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck (the ZW set) which would give you the correct pots, unless you have already bought the 85.

You can get long EMG pots on ebay.

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You can put the 85 in neck or bridge. I use the ZW in reverse and It sounds great. It's all up to you though.