i'm only descent at making intros'/riffs when it comes to making a song and i got a good feeling that this intro can be made into a really good song but i can't really think of anything else to put on it. here is the like to download it, you might need gp 5 and i'd advise you to use rse
if you do add on to it can you upload it and post the link on here please and not make it too complex, im only grade 4

guitar pro song
just click on "Download with FileFactory Basic" to download it
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The first half of the intro is good, I'd lose the second half personally, I don't really think the F really fits, maybe go for the F#, and use the 0-1-4-5-7-8-10-12 scale, which would be all on the low D of course, notes thats low to high D D# F# G A Bb C D. I don't mind helping, but I'm not going to direct the way your song should go, and most people here are going to feel the same. I think its a good intro, you just need a riff to lead into from there, maybe writing some drums will give you some ideas to where it'll lead. I feel that it should lead into double-time power chords or something, but decide for yourself, I'm only throwing out ideas. Good luck with it
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